Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania- A Review

Yeah, no.

I watched this film last Saturday and was so annoyed by it that I refused to write a review on it. However, the film’s been following me and cropping up in the most random of places, the last one being yesterday whilst I was enjoying my doughnut, thoroughly ruining the experience. So I’ve decided to get it over with and put the proverbial ghost to rest.


Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Ashutosh “Ozil” Rana, Collector Saab and a bunch of other characters you won’t remember or care about after you’ve left the theater. Alia Bhatt(God, I don’t even remember her character’s name, this movie is that forgettable) is an Ambala girl who travels to Delhi in search of a “Designer-wali” Lehenga where she bumps into Humpty(Dhawan), the local college bufoon, with a heart of gold. Humpty decides to aid her in the search of this holy grail of a Lehenga and ultimately falls for her. But alas! Alia is engaged to Siddharth Shukla (Collector Saab of Baalika Vadhu fame) and her father(Ashutosh Rana) is strictly against the concept of love marriages after his elder daughter’s attempt at it ended in tears. This pretty much sets the premise of the film.

“Acting Chops? Chops? No brah, diet scenes.”

And then come the DDLJ references.



And they just don’t stop.


I understand DDLJ is a timeless classic and is loved by audiences of all ages but when the references tend to overpower the plot of the film which is lehenga-thin(See what I did there?) to begin with, then you’ve got a problem. The film starts and stops and not once does it settle, leading to an end product that’s more burnt to a crisp rather than half baked.


As for the cast, Varun Dhawan tries. He breaks out his repertoire of expressions but even he isn’t enough to save this travesty. Alia Bhatt is utterly wasted. The rest of the cast is quote forgettable as well. However funnily enough, the best thing about the film is Sahil Vaid who plays one of Varun Dhawan’s sidekicks. The man’s facial expressions and comic timing is second to none in the film and is probably the only reason you should watch this ridiculous movie. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is for all intents and purposes, a massive let down. Could’ve been so much more, but it wasn’t meant to be. Stay at home and watch DDLJ instead.


P.S: Kavya! That’s her name. Nope, still don’t care.

2 thoughts on “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania- A Review

  1. In the 8th paragraph, 3rd line: quote is actually quite.
    In the 9th paragraph, ‘for all intensive purposes’ is actually ‘for all intents and purposes’.

    And yes, I agreed with whatever you said, the only part I enjoyed the movie was seeing that funny fat character (Pablu) make a fool of himself during the plethora of trouble they got themselves into.

    It was a bore of a movie, but I think we’d differ on one thing… I love Alia Bhatt! ❤ And that was one more reason I had to watch the movie 😛 Yes, it was a disappointing story, but it had a gorgeous face 😀

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