Gone Girl.

Do you really know the person you love? Do you know what they’re thinking, what’s going through that mind as they smile and kiss you goodbye? Are they really who they say they are? Or is there much more to it than meets the eye?

These are the questions David Fincher’s Gone Girl poses as it takes you on a dark and twisted journey through the human psyche. Adapted from Gillian Flynn’s Best Selling Novel. Gone Girl is a wonderful and riveting watch, inspite of it’s lengthy running time, even for those who’ve made themselves familiar with the author’s work.

How Much Do You Really Know?
How Much Do You Really Know?

Gone Girl revolves around Nick Dunne(Ben Affleck) a down on his luck, jobless writer who one day wakes up to find his house in disarray and his wife, Amy(Rosamund Pike) gone. The police get involved and suddenly, Nick finds himself in the middle of a media maelstrom that begins to spiral horribly out of control, highlighting his many faults as a husband, which only strengthens the suspicions of the people around him. It doesn’t help Nick’s cause when incriminating evidence begins to crop up in the most bizzare of places.

Gone Girl is fascinating cinema, even if the butchered version landed on our door steps. As adults, we’re no longer fazed by nudity and to mutilate scenes where the two protagonists share a passionate kiss is extremely immature and borderline childish.

When you’ve got such great source material, you can’t really go wrong with the adaptation. But Fincher goes one step further. He brings to life this wonderful world created by Flynn and never lets go. Gone Girl is riveting and wonderful; It captures the tone of the book perfectly, trims the fat and presents to you a delightful treat, for you to drink in.  Couple that with wonderful performances from the cast, especially Affleck and Pike who absolutely nail their characters, and you’ve got a wonderful film to watch,

The film does have it’s shortcomings, particularly the end, which seems clunky and uninspired. One hoped Fincher would do a “Fight Club”: and rework it to suit the screen, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen and that ultimately does not translate well on screen.

However, Gone Girl still remains a wonderful film. It’s got everything you need to hold you till the credits roll and the screen turns to black. It’s dark, it’s shocking and also quite hilarious. I recommend you really really go catch this film. Anyone who can make Tyler Perry look good, is nothing short of divine, in my opinion.

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