DVD Pick: Blue Valentine


Blue Valentine is the quintessential romance film that every couple should see. It tells a wonderful story about two people who are head over heels in love, suffer the usual bumps and in the end get married and live happily ever after. It’s the perfect bubble-gum romance for you to see with your loved ones and is a sure shot winner for those who have newly found someone over the Valentine’s Day Weekend. Definitely worth a watch!

Now that the first para readers are gone and some relationships may not last the night, let’s get to the real review.

Blue Valentine is an exercise in Soul crushing.

Gosling and Williams churn out some brilliant performances.

No I’m not kidding, it will leave you in a heap, head in hands, eyes agape whilst dolling out a masterclass in heartbreak.

The film stars two people who you’d least associate with a film like this, i.e Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Gosling and Williams play a married couple who are going through a seemingly rough patch through their marriage. Williams works shifts at the local hospital as a nurse whilst Gosling spends the day wiling away his time with their daughter. With flashbacks to a time where everything was rosy and fun, interspersed into the present where a relationship is seemingly on it’s down, Blue Valentine hits you where it really and I’m making no bones about it, fucking hurts.

The performances from the leads help translate an already great plot into a fantastic film. Gosling and Williams are so good that at times you really start to question whether it really is just a put-on.  Gosling’s Dean is such a pathetic excuse of a  man, but at times you can’t not help but root for him. Similarly, Williams’  Cindy has the word “Bitch” written all over her but you also understand just how much the relationship is suffocating her. The two leads compliment each other wonderfully and I doubt anyone else would’ve been able to pull off some of the scenes in the film(Particularly, the hotel scene) as well as they do. Revealing any more would ruin the film for you, dear reader so this is where I’m going to draw the line.

It’s been close to three years since I watched Blue Valentine and I remember the night well. It left me sleepless, in shock and with a sense of disbelief that no other film in it’s genre could possibly muster. The film moves through it’s motions, cutting deep into your psyche, without even so much as breaking into a sweat. You only truly realize the true extent of the damage once the end credits start to roll and by then the power of speech has long since departed.

Blue Valentine is powerful, brilliant and heartbreaking, all at once. Don’t watch it with your significant other if you want nightmares. As a matter of fact, watching it alone is far more depressing. Pick a lesser evil and give it a go. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

P.S: If you read this review, watched the film and had your relationship tear at the seams, I am truly sorry.

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