Musical Story Telling.


So I’ve had this idea wrapped around my head for a while where I’d introduce a set of characters, and have the reader compile a story via the help of a particular track, mostly instrumental. It’s something I personally find very interesting cause I love building stories in my head all the time.

But enough of my blabbering, here goes.

So we’ve got three different story arcs running parallel to each other. The first one includes a down and out junkie dealing with a family tearing itself apart from within and it’s gotten to a point where he’s more or less drowning himself in heroin. The family rents out a flat in their complex to a couple who themselves are running through a bad time. The wife is extremely overbearing and dramatic, starting over the top fights with a husband who’s quite fed up and is seeking solace in the arms of his extremely attractive secretary even though he hasn’t stepped out of his marriage.. yet. The husband has a set of two younger brothers, who’ve just started college and are having the living daylights hazed(ragged) out of them and are finding it extremely difficult to fit in.

So one night, all three situations reach breaking point. What direction it takes and how it ends is up to you(I’ve got a track to help you concoct an ending.)

Just close your eyes and let go.

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