Deadpool: Review

The perfect movie for the valentine weekend.
The perfect movie for the valentine weekend.

It’s not often you walk into a theatre with super high expectations and walk out feeling completely satisfied. More so when you live in the country I do, where the censor board decide to censor the word vagina, cause nobody walking into a R-Rated movie knows what that is, obviously.

But, inspite of all the cuts and the bleeps, Deadpool still manages to doll out a Superhero experience like no other. It takes the proverbial Superhero formula and in true Wade Wilson style, takes a massive shit all over it.


Deadpool even manages to erase whatever this was
Deadpool even manages to erase whatever this was

In an age where Superhero films  border from PG-13 humor to dark, brooding entities that have all but saturated the experience altogether, Deadpool comes in like a breath of fresh air. Is it a perfect film? Hell, no. Is it possibly the best Superhero experience you’ve sat through in a while? Yes, a hundred times yes.

That last bit sounded like someone just popped the question. Strange.



Deadpool charts the story of Wade Wilson, a goon-for-hire with a heart of gold, who one day finds out that he’s dying from terminal cancer, throwing his whole life into disarray. In a desperate attempt to restore normalcy, Wade registers himself into a program that cures the terminally-ill volunteers, with super powers as an added bonus. As is expected from shady organizations like these, there’s a lot more to the situation than meets the eye and thus kick starts the origin of Deadpool.

Told through a series of flashbacks as Wilson, chops, slices and wisecracks his way on the road to finding the man responsible for his current state, Deadpool is a riot from the word go. Right from the wonderful opening credits to the hilarious after credits sneak peek, the film is a smorgasbord of cracking dialogue, visceral brutality and infinite meta-ness, all delivered with stunning precision by Ryan Reynolds, who absolutely kills it as the titular character. Reynolds spent years advocating this film whilst profusely apologizing for Wolverine: Origins(God, that piece of shit). Here,  Reynolds is on the top of his game and he clearly seems to be enjoying his role as the Merc with the mouth. Morena Baccarin is stunning as usual, but is anything but eye-candy as she holds her ground against Reynolds’ Pool.  The chemistry between the two is crackling, making you really care for their characters in a film that’s meant to be about all witty repartee and meta humor. Ed Skrein is probably the weakest link here, but that’s not to say he’s terrible or unwatchable. His character could’ve used a little more development, something they should probably address in the sequel.



That and a few references that would go over the heads of international viewers,  Deadpool is the funniest movie you’ll see in a while. Its unapologetically hilarious, rude, bloody and everything you don’t expect from a Marvel property. It handles the 4th wall break beautifully, tipping hats consistently to the audience and to the studio for it’s lack of budget, leaving audiences rolling in the aisles. The uncut version can’t get here soon enough, for that will be another experience altogether. If you’re someone who’s up to date on your pop culture references or if you’re looking for a good time at the movies,  grab some chimi-fucking-changas and catch Deadpool at your local cinema this weekend. Trust me, it’s the best time you’ll have at a movie in a while.


P.S: Also, DC Execs? Hope you had the right idea and wore the brown pants for this one. Top this, BvS. The bar went up a couple of notches.

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