Captain America: Civil War(Review)

Sometime over a month ago, Disney decided to take a massive steaming dump on DC’s Box Office Collection by having an early critics screening of Captain America: Civil War, a whole month before the film was scheduled to releases, sending the internet into a frenzy. A move like this from a studio usually means that they’ve got a clear winner on their hands and after having caught the official release earlier tonight, I cannot help but whole heartedly agree with them.

Civil War is a terrific movie.

Civil War directed by the Russo Brothers, is a follow-up to the 2014 smash hit, Winter Soldier, which is probably Marvel’s most balanced film to date. The Russo Brothers completely reinvented the Captain, placing him in scenarios the likes of Jason Bourne and James Bond would call home. It was a brave new approach to superhero cinema which worked brilliantly, elevating Captain America from a good looking pretty boy to a well-rounded hero.

Once again, the brothers manage to strike a fine balance between Cap’s vulnerable and superhero side, giving us a wonderful film in the process. For those walking in expecting an Avengers movie, don’t. This is completely a Captain America vehicle, littered with Avengers throughout the length of the movie.

Civil War tells the story of  the fallout between the Captain and Tony Stark over a superhero registration act that forces The Avengers to be controlled by a government body. After having left the cities of Lagos, Washington DC, Sokovia and New York in rubble, the nations of the world nations decide that they’ve had enough of the Avengers waltzing into their countries and destroying the lives of their citizens and put together an act known as the Sokovia Accords which is designed to make sure that the group don’t step out of line. These Accords drive a wedge between earth’s mightiest heroes, splitting The Avengers into two warring halves. Saying anything else more would ruin the experience for you, so lets leave it at that.

civil war

Civil War hits all the right notes from the word go with it’s highly impressive action set pieces, solid script and some very clever writing. Even though I hate making comparisons, DC should really this movie for setting up conflict between the franchise’s two biggest names and executing it to perfection. What the film does so well is that it treads the thin grey line between right and wrong beautifully, making you understand each faction’s reasoning behind their motivations, not giving you enough reasons to root for one particular side alone.  The cast bring their A-Game to the table once again, delivering excellent performances. Robert Downey Jr in particular, brings a new vulnerability to Tony Stark and he does it so well that once he retires the helm, Marvel are going to have a massive headache replacing him. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther is really good too, and it’s so great to finally see a live-action adaptation of his character, done so well.  Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman are also in this movie, both of them being completely wasted in their roles. Marvel once again suffer from not being able to write a good movie villain and even though the antagonist’s intentions can be sympathised with, it does not excuse the lack of character development he suffers. His moments don’t really gel with the film, making it a tad bit jarring.


That being said, Civil War is a terrific movie, one of Marvel’s best so far. I’m going to keep this review short cause I really don’t want to ruin this movie for you by saying more. If you’ve got some spare time, please do go catch it this weekend. You will have such an amazing time, I guarantee it.

P.S:  Airport. Airport. Airport. The greatest superhero sequence to ever unfold on a movie screen. It will bring you to tears.

P.P.S: Also Tom Holland is the BEST Spider-Man on screen. EVER. If you grew up on the 90’s cartoon like I did, you’re in for such a good time.

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