Sing Street: Movies to Watch at Home

Sing Street is a beautiful little film.

Sing Street is my favorite movie this year and I doubt I’ll find another very soon. After spending months tracking it down, it’s finally here and what a lovely piece of film it is. 

Shot entirely on location in the city of Dublin, Sing Street tells the story of Conor Lawlor,  a young Irish kid who’s coming to terms with moving to a public school whilst simultaneously dealing with the impending fall-out of his parents’ marriage. In the midst of it all, Conor falls for a girl named Raphina and in a bid to impress her and escape his strained family life , puts together a band of merry misfits and outcasts. 

A simple enough plot, Sing Street shines through its extremely well rounded characters and some absolutely cracking dialogue. Performances by Ferdia-Walsh-Peelo and Jack Reynor(who we  know as the creepy dude from Transformers 4) are standouts in the film, with the supporting cast chipping in splendidly as well and I would be remiss in my duties if due credit was not passed on to the wonderful original soundtrack. 

What it may lack in budget and in high profile names, Sing Street makes up for in heart and soul and that too in abundance. It’s a coming -of-age story told just right, that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling and a big smile on your face,  by the time the credits roll.

 At the core of the film lies a very simple message; Do your thing, whatever it may be,  and things will fall into place in ways you could’ve never imagined. Sing Street celebrates the uniqueness of anyone who’s never quite fit in like no film in the last couple of years has. Favorite movie this year and it’s out on  Blu-ray and other places on the Internet which I cannot mention or advertise. Watch it when you can and rest assured, you’ll have a great time with it. 

One thought on “Sing Street: Movies to Watch at Home

  1. I agree with you, it’s the best movie so far this year, no contest. I haven’t seen anything that even came close to how great this movie is. Great review, I enjoyed reading it!

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